Friday, July 29, 2016

Surf City’s beach replenishment ‘looks great’

Beach replenishment in Surf City is complete. The North Beach-northern Surf City portion of the project work, performed by Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co., started about two weeks ago.
“It looks great,” said Councilman Peter Hartney. He reported the work was finished Monday night.
Photo via Surf City Police
Surf City's 21st through 25th street
beaches are now open to the public.
Surf City’s beaches were partially replenished during the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and state Department of Environmental Protection’s original project in 2006. The blocks between 12th and 22nd streets were also repaired after the nor’easter in 2009. After Superstorm Sandy, the whole portion was restored. The borough had been waiting for the remaining northern area to be completed after replenishment in neighboring North Beach.
Following the completion of replenishment in Surf City, local officials will now continue advocating for USACE to make repairs to the dunes that were damaged during Winter Storm Jonas in January. While Jonas repair work in the borough and other sections of Long Beach Island following the completion of the overall replenishment project has been approved by USACE, appropriations from Congress for the project are currently in the pipeline.
“So that’s a whole other process. It never ends,” Hartney stated.
The town recently had to fund repairs to the beach entrances between 20th and 13th streets, which were inaccessible due to the severe storm destruction. Hartney took a tour of the beach with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s public works director in June in hopes of getting reimbursement for the repairs. The town is still waiting to find out if it will be able to recoup those costs through FEMA’s Public Assistance grant program offered to state and local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations that needed emergency work due to Jonas.
— Kelley Anne Essinger

This article was published in The SandPaper.

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